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David Machan
Machan & Vincent
Simply Entertaining Musical Variety
    Dave (Machan) has performed for audiences throughout the United States from coffee houses to college concerts and has appeared with many national artists including a brief stint recording with Harry Chapin. 
     As part of "David & Daniel", a prominent duo based in Syracuse, Dave performed for various Armed Forces bases up and down the East Coast.  Among his most memorable moments, was being asked to “front” The Glenn Miller Orchestra.
     Dave is a strong interpretive vocalist and guitarist!

​​Otis Vincent
      Otis (Vincent) began like most youngsters playing in clubs in and around Central, NY. He became an important part of the local music scene through TV appearances and as guitarist/vocalist for Otis & Rob, Stewart Little and Lord.

      His unique style brought opportunities to appear with national acts like Johnny Maestro and The Brooklyn Bridge and Trini Lopez. Otis has performed in clubs and colleges from Syracuse to South Beach.

      He is an integral part of Machan and Vincent as bassist/guitarist, vocalist and technical director.